Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Running Free

Is your dog ready to play with others without a leash?One of best things to happen to dogs and those who love them is the growth in popularity of off-leash recreation areas nationwide. As open spaces dwindle and property value make the large suburban backyard a thing of the past, these dog parks have emerged as a way to provide what most dogs desperately need.More exercise! Sedentary dogs develop health issues such as obesity and behaviour problems that are worsened by excess energy and boredom such as digging, barking destructive chewing and the cattch all complaint of dog lovers everywhere. Dog parks make dogs tired and a tired dog is happy, good dog.The biggest problem with dog parks is not the dog but the people.Some od those problems are caused by people who know better but other conflicts could easily be prevented with a little knowledge and foresight on the part of dog owners who truly dont know better. dog parks work only when people work at them. If park problems become more the rule than the exception the trend will reverse and the dog park will disappear. Be responsible for your dog and help to keep the drive for more dog parks alive.