Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Save Money

Money!, it takes so long to earn it and so little time to spend it. Sometimes we don't even know where it went.Isn't that right! But it doesnt have to be that way.With planning, the wise use of credit card a few money saving techniques, negotiating savy and well honed sale seeking skills. We can all get more value for our dollar. We can stretch that dollar by using coupons and credit wisely. Phone calls (comparison shopping by phone)may take a few minutes but they can save you hundred of dollars on major purchases. We can keep more of the dollars we earn by maximizing our tax deduction and we can double or triple our money, over the long term by making investment that pay off.MOney has a way of dissapearing out of our wallets. Most people waste their money because of poor spending practices. To avoid that recognize where you're spending it by keeping receipts over a m onth long period. If your money is not going into savings it's going somewhere. How about you? How do you save and spend your money?