Monday, April 14, 2008

Goodbye Lucy

That's ALice and her two pets the cat name TOM and the poodle name Lucy.I always call her Aunt Lucy because that's my Aunt Name. IT's Monday and back to work with the Webster. And I miss Lucy. She's In Florida now.Alice decided to let her daughter take care of Lucy.You know why? because they always argue with her husband about Lucy and make her day horrible.We found Lucy in krogers two months ago in krogers rooming around.In short Alice husband Pete decided he wants that dog.So, we take it home,go to the Vet.,have a grooming and treat like a human. and I was fell in love the dog.She is so cute and smart.And one day Pete told alice that Lucy is useless.But anyway,Pete just got mad because TOm which is the King in their home before got jealous with Lucy.ANd sometimes Alice attention is on Lucy.I could not blame ALice that dog is so smart.We are just wondering why Pete dont like lucy since his the one who insist he wants that dog.Alice was really attached with Lucy even me.We always play, sit on my lap and scrub her back..So last thursday her daughter visit them from Florida and bring Lucy home.So, Im hoping that will not argue no more about Lucy. But me and Alice really miss lucy, for good,just let her go and we know Lucy have a good home in Florida.Her daughter said she will send us a picture of Lucy with her other male poodle.Maybe your wondering why I didnt suiggest to take care of Lucy.Im sorry I love dogs but I dont like inside our house.Lucy is a well trained dog.We mss you Lucy...Goodbye Lucy, see you in Tampa Florida.