Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I was so dissapointed

TOday Pete had a blood test for his Renal. A nurse should be on Pete's house on or before 8am because it's a fasting.Maybe your wondering why they took blood at home.THey have a home healthcare that do Pete's blood test and therapy.THe nurse should be there Monday but since it's holiday she told Alice she will be here today on or before 8am........8am,9am,10pm pass by no NUrse coming.And take note Pete dont eat yet his breakfast nor a single sip or water.So,I ask Alice maybe we could call the Nurse or the home healthcare.She said "NO" we will just wait.I told her it's not right!And honestly I dont like this last Nurse that always does Pete's blood.She looks like she always not on herself...looks like she's always floating.....,Im sorry if Im wrong but that's what I observe.Sometimes,when she come in she forgot the bottle where she supposed to draw Pete's blood or sometimes she forgot to put the papers and she alraedy sealed the envelop where she supposed to mail the blood to the lab.....So here it is she drive back to the clinic and get the bottle and comeback.I dont know.But Alice like her and she will not say anything from the home healthcare.Anyway,let's go back to Nurse.I could not resist,I call my hubby if he can call the direct RN supervisor from the home healthcare and ask him where is the Nurse?Is she coming today?Pete is starving to death!..... I could not call because ALice is with me and she just told me that she dont know the phone but I know she dont want me to call the main office...My husband have a cellphone number of Steve the RN Supervisor.....Im concern on Pete because it's already past 10am and he never eat nothing.NO calls from somebody,if the nUrse is coming today or not.And later on we heard from the supervisor....he said the Nurse took a blood already last friday. I ask Alice how come she know what kind of blood for she will draw since the paper is still here at home.THen the RN supervisor call again explain..... all kinds of reason ....... and tell alice that those Nurse are not paid to come in their house...hello!......it sounds that they just take advantage to Pete and ALice...I know they got messed up today and they will not admit it and tell the Webster that they are not paid to do that.They dont know thay last week we went to the lab and have Pete's blood work and the nurse told Alice that I would not draw blood to your husband becaus there is a home health care coming by in your house.I dont want you to pay twice.And now they told Alice they are not paid for!......huh! I was really dissapointed this morning.I told Alice that next time the supervisor come tell him we you need them since they could not service you.Anyway, we can drive them to the hospital to draw blood if they are acting like that.THis people dont care,beacuse this couple always say "YES" whatever they say which is not right! for me.....all the convincing power..........................Pete and Alice had a first stage of alzheimer and I dont like this people take advantage to themThey are like Mom and Dad to us..Is it wrong if I act like this!......HOpe that Nurse realize what she did to the old man (Pete) this morning.Andthis afternoon Alice call me and inform me that THE RENAL OFFICE dont receive any result for the blood....huh!I dont know......It's up to Pete and Alice if they will continue the home healthcare.I understand that these people (healthcare) are busy but be sure to do there job right....