Monday, September 29, 2008

The cheapest ways to get healthy

Keep your eye on that giant flat screen TV you've been wanting.Even when the economy stinks, you dont have to let good health hog your budget.Here are tips on where to save and where to spend.

Buy fruit and vegetables when they're in season. You'll get the best produce for the least coin.In season now peaches,tomatoes,corn and peppers.COming next? Apples,pears, winter squash, yams and bruseels sprouts.

Find a workout buddy and save the cost to get there. WHo's a good buddy? Someone who genuinely wants you both to succeed in getting heathier. You can even enlist the bored mutt who's been gnawing on your slippers.In one study,walking scamp 20 minutes a day,five days a week led to 14 pound weight loss for humans.The cannies got healthier too.

Look for healthy bargains. They're usually right in front of you.Choose oatmeal instead of expensive boxed cereals,beans instead of red meat, and frozen orange juice concentrate instead offruit punch,soda or bottled.

Quit smoking.There are scores of reasons to do this but the one that fits this column is that the average price of a pack of cigarettes is $4.22 nationally.If you're a pack a day smoker,quitting will put an extra $1,540 or more per year in your pocket and remove all kinds of gunk from your lungs.

Treat your feet.Th 26 bones in your feet get a pounding every day.Wear well cushioned, well-fitted walking or running shoes when you'll be walking or standing for long periods of time.Replace your shoes every six to nine months.Get measured wearing your favorite sports socks at least once.