Friday, September 19, 2008

Dog put out his misery

"You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, just a'cryin' all the time." Who hasn't heard Elvis belt out that rock and roll classic, but did you ever consider the hidden meaning behind those words? Clearly this was a song about the long-term effects of a negative attitude, and the hidden implication is, "put your hound dog out of his misery!"

Anyway,Alice dog name Jimmy put to sleep today.It's sad,I miss that dog he is a great dog.Last thursday Alice daughter pick them up with the dog and cat.They will stay in Willis before the Hurricane Ike.When they arrived in Willis,Jimmy the dog jump in the suburban.After that his limping both legs at the back.Alice been spending to much money in this dog,everytime the animals got sick,or they dont eat she will bring them to the vet.Jimmy is a big dog,an overweight dog.He been in diet.This morning we bring Jimmy to the vet.Ask the Vet Doctor what's wrong with Jimmy.Why his limping? The Doctor told us that Jimmy have a fracture like loosing a screw that you cannot put it back on his legs and both legs are swollen.By the Jimmy been suffering athritis.Alice ask what should we do with Jimmy.The vet said...I could not do anything but there is an option.You can do surgery but it cost more than a thousand dollar.And I will not promise that it could be a successful one or we can put him to sleep.Jimmy is 13 yrs old.It's takes a while before Alice decide Jimmy put in sleep.I know it hurt for Alice.She make the good decision.Alice is 85 yrs old,she dont need to be take care of this sickly dog and good for Jimmy.He will not suffer the pain no more.I believe that dogs are all in heaven.

If you notice that your dog is sort of limping in the morning it's best if you take him to the veterinarian and make sure to give all the information you can about when your dog started limping etc. If your dog seems to be jumping slightly when he walks it's possible that one of his superior articulations are damaged. If your dog does not put any weight on his leg it's probably fractured. And, if you notice that your dog is puts his foot down very slowly and carefully, it's possible he has a wound. Sometimes the motives for limping are very obvious such as when a dog has fallen which can cause his bone to fracture etc. There are certain breeds actually that have more sensitive bones and are more likely to suffer from fractured bones than others like greyhounds, Chihuahuas, and Maltese's. If you think your dog has a hurt leg and you want to examine him, ask someone else to help you. If you think that your dog might have a broken bone, put a muzzle on the dog first to avoid him from accidentally biting you. Start by examining the dogs paw very carefully and with detail, sometimes something as small as a broken nail can cause a dog to limp. Check to see if the dogs paw has any cuts and gently feel the dog to see if there are any areas of his paw or leg that feel hotter, swollen, and areas where the dog seems to be in pain. Make sure to examine every single detail in the dog's paw and leg. If you think your dog might be very hurt, the best thing is to call the veterinarian and take him for a check up.