Monday, September 22, 2008


Why is lupus so hard to diagnose?Like many autoimmune diseases, in which the body attacks itself, lupus is hard to pinpoint becaus it has an especially wide range of symptoms involving various parts of the body.And symptoms differ from patient to patient.Most people develop painful joints and rash (often caused by sun exposure) but lupus may also cause fatique,depression,miscarriages,idney problems and hair loss.

How do you know if you have it? sometimes you don't................ which can be dangerous because early treatment can prevent the disease fom worsening. The overwhelming majority of people with lupus may be sick with various unclear symptoms for at least four years before they get a diagnosis.There is no one test that determines if you have it. To be diagnosed with systemic lupus ( the most common form) you must hve certain combinations of symptoms and or blood test results including at least four out of the following criteria a butterfly shaped rash across the checks and nose a rash that's raised and crusty,a rash that's made worse by sunlight,oral ulcers,inflammatory arthritis, kidney problems, central nervous system problems (such as seizures),inflammation of the tissue lining the lungs or heart,blood disorders (such as anemia) and positive tests for certain types of antibiotics.