Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hurricane Ike

We just come home from wal-mart buy some can goods,waters and things need to be use for the coming hurricane. I never been experience a bad hurricane since I arrived here in US like what happen in New Orleans few days ago and the katrina before. Some times just a little bit rain and a mild wind......not like this coming hurricane it will be 135mph,as what the prediction is...... I empty all are freezer incase there is no electricity, buy cases of waters and more can goods and of course full tank on our two vans.Texas officials were encouraging residents in the path of Hurricane Ike to do three things listen to what local officials say, monitor weather reports and gas up, now.Incase Ike gets stronger maybe we will evacuate earlier going to Buffalo.

Hurricane Ike strengthened in the Gulf's warm waters Wednesday and churned toward the Texas coast, and officials started to evacuate the first of millions of residents who could be in the storm's path. Ike bloomed to a Category 2 storm and was likely to grow even stronger before its predicted strike on the Texas coast early Saturday.

If more Texas officials order a mandatory exodus, it would be the first large-scale evacuation in South Texas history. State and county officials let people decide for themselves whether to leave a hurricane area until just before Hurricane Rita struck the Gulf Coast in 2005. Now county officials can order people out of harm's way.

Keep us in your prayers!.....