Monday, September 8, 2008

HAve you experience what I experience?

Im selling online.....what pissed me off is my customer? I know that customer is always right.I been selling for too long and I never experienced a customer like this...WHat will you do if you have a customer like this?....HE bid on my item,until the time ends.I send him and invoice after one day,no reply,I email him no response.So I wait for another 5 days no contact,emails or any sign....I have a patient on my customer but this guy pissed me off.HE bid another item....Im glad he did not win the bid.After 7 days,I report him on ebay...Reason given for Unpaid Item: The buyer has not paid for the item. Buyer actions reported by seller: The buyer has not responded.Maybe this buyer thought that I will mail the item eventhought I did not received the payment,but his wrong,I dont play that game..PAyment first before you can get yours. After an hour I report him to ebay he reply quickly.......he said:I'm Sorry for the delay, I was Busy the past week up to the Labor Day Holiday. Don't worry I will still purchase the said item. Is it ok if the payment will be transacted this Saturday (Sept 6, 2008)?Pls reply to this concern so i'll know your answer. Thanks and again I apologize.I told him sounds like your not interested,IM glad you did not win the second bid.....he keep email me everday since TUesday SEpt 2,.....Friday he paid........he email me and ask me when are you gonna mail the item....I already paid etc.....HEllo!!!!!!!!!!!!! he paid 5oclock in the afternoon and post office is already close......saturday he email me again ask the same thing......sunday...same thing ....and today monday.......same thing and the last thing he ask me is are you gonna give me a feedback??????...Im thinking if I gonna give him a positive is voluntary...........I never encounter a customer like this......I got irritate,but I said to myself "YOU NEED TO CONTROL" ha ha ha ha..IM a nice person but this guy keep bugging me everyday twice a day since he pay.......When I check his file this is his first time to bid on ebay......just registered two wks ago.......