Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Avoid Identity Theft During a Disaster

Hurricanes,tornadoes,fires,earthquakes and man made disasters are frightening and they may also cause chaos and put a risk your personal security.Taking a few minutes today to create an action plan might help you avoid identity theft related situations.Be prepared to evacuate.Keep copies of birth certificates,drivers licenses,social security cards,death certificates,insurance papers and any other vital papers for eaach family member in a locked box. Place the box in your car only when you are ready to leave.
Keep the locked box in sight at all times even in a shelter.If necessary put the papers in a large plastic bag and tape them to your inner clothing.Few people want to leave computers behind.If you are time-crunched or limited in space,remove the hard drive and take that with you.Develop a plan of action in case the family are separated. You might want to designate a family member or friends in a different state as the contact person that you all will call. Usually phone liners are busy or down in loca disaster areas.