Monday, March 17, 2008


What a good Monday? I sold two items in ebay today. The 27 books CHild Magic Castle Readers and Dallas Belt Buckle.I really dont call people who bid on my items. At this time,one of my customer ask a favor if I could call her.She's the one who bid the childrens books.This coming MOnday would be her daughters birthday she ask me if possible I could expedite mail the books just let her know how much she owe me.I dont trust people when it's comes like could not tell...since it's her daughters birthday I will give her a chance..anyway,it's my fault !.........before she pay me in paypal she email me how much is the extra charge for expedite mail.I did not check my ebay this afternoon..when the item ended.......We went to saltgrass for supper and didn't like it....I rather love Red Lobster.....