Saturday, March 1, 2008


It's Saturday and time to go for me to church every Saturday night.Im A Catholic and my husband is a MEthodist....through this we dont have any problem with my husband.He goes with me at the catholic and I go with him on Sunday at the Methodist.But take note we got married at the Methodist Church....Anyway, I want to share the gospel last Saturday night service.It's about the sin of "SLOTH". Athough sloth is considered a synonym or laziness,the sin of sloth includes much more than merely being too tired or too lazy to do things. Sloth is more than simply lying on the couch for an entire afternoon. Though the sloth today usually means physical laziness in the original seven deadly sins, sloth was sadness or depression. The word for sloth "ACEDIA" ( from the Greek "akedia" or "not to care") meant "spiritual sloth" The gravity of sloth is that is seen inhibitingf or preventing virtous conduct. It is considered sinful or wrong beacuse in action, in both the spiritual and wordly realms, can be just as bad as wrong actions. Sloth does include being a couch potato, but is also often interpreted as wasting precious time, not doing enough to help the world and avoiding a rigorous spiritual journey. In other words, sloth is not about being too tirwed, it's about not caring enough or trusting to fulfill our inherent obligations.