Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday

Yesterday is Good Friday the friday before easter commemorates the Passion of the cross and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross. As a catholic Good Friday is a strict fast and abstinece. I attend good friday 6pm service at the Catholic and 7pm at the Methodist. My husband always go with me everytime I attend mass service except if it's conflict...... We arrived exactly 7pm at the Methodist Church,suddenly the preacher came on me and said "can "you read the 3rd SEVEN LAST WORD OF JESUS".....ahhhhhh I said ok....they know that I dont refuse reading.....but they always do that to me! reading on the spot. Sometimes I ask myself you dont read at the catholic church but here in Methodist you're always reading the bible scripture....Huh!..anyway...I did that for GOd, for my's my pleasure that they always choose me...they had a good, as in good service..also had a short special look at the cross by Brad Paisley ( I post a video last week ). They write there sins in a piece of paper,nail in the cross then they burn it....whereas, as Catholic we confess our sin to the Priest....