Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My job

Yesterday is the First day of THE HOUSTON LIVESTOCK SHOW AND RODEO, got off to a cold, soggy start of Monday, with rain pouring down on the grounds for most of the day.Last Saturday and Sunday it's hot here in Houston like summer then suddenly yesterday Im freezing..........this morning the weather went down to 37 degrees.

I woke up early this morning,we will be at the Doctor's office for Pete's PT Test.....Maybe your wondering who is Pete.Im working with them for almost two months tomorrow.They are our neighbour and I work for them from 8am-11am Mon- friday. A few years ago,well that was 2007 ha ha ha...they keep telling us if we could stay with them at day time and my husband will drive with them anywhere. Hello! wait a minute.....We could not tell them that hello! you have 11 kids...Oh well, this is rough......it's nice to help some other people but our point here is we could not stay all day in their house because my husband had too many things to do at the church...To make it short last year of NOvember,they convinced us again, at this time we talk seriously.....and Pete Webster decided that he is not capable anymore to drive anymore and cannot do things like what he usually done.My husband treat them like a real parents....So my husband make a contract.....etc....You know what I mean? We ask them what their kids reaction about this plan,they told us that this is just between them and us...the kids dont have a business for paying us.........Can u imagine that! they have 11 kids and they dont care there parents....some of them are all after their inheritance......Pete is a Scottish and he is too tight when it comes to money,dont make me wrong they are a good person.His wife is so sweet. Well, I got that job last Jan 5, 2008 since I aint do nothing at home.Im happy too..you know why? my husband wants me to take Nursing but I dont feel it.For your info I already took the entrance examination last 2006 and I passed.My subject are all scheduled and ready to start the first day of class.......suddenly I change my mind,I told my husband Im not ready for this,please give me more enough time and I dont want to waste my tuition if Im not yet ready.Now, I have a reason why I cant go to College, Im working....I always got my paycheck every MOnday.....My first day, it was boring.....u know why? because we just talk with ALice (His wife) over and over and over ha ha ha....the second day I ask her if she already make me a list what to do everyday..she just told me "I DONT KNOW"sometimes she could not remember things,thats what happen to us when we got old ha ha..... they just need companionship at home.Her husband want me to prepare his medicine...well it's not hard for me because even in the PHilippines when I was highschool I been doing that to my "LOLO" who is in heaven now......they thought I want to be a nurse but they are wrong I took Business Administration major in management....Oh well,lets go back to my main point......they need companionship and converstaion,I do arrange their appoinmnets,medication reminders.... Im good on this....that's why my husband had never been in the hospital since Im here in US..thanks GOD,sometimes Me & Alice....reminiscing the past....