Monday, March 17, 2008

It's Monday

Yesterday was Palm Sunday.....THe ORT Methodist Church have a "GUEST". It's nice to share about your life..... I know how hard for her having dont have any small intestine and large intestine and some other parts of her body and all kinds of pain due to the accident happen when she is still a kid......It's not proper to say inside the sanctuary saying "SHE PULL HER SKIRT, ETC." it dont make sense....In all what she share I dont hear any! any! bible scripture..It's takes and hour but we never heard anything or any lesson..Maybe Im wrong...but that's my opinion.......She also selling a book about her life but why she say everything about her life during the sermon since she is also selling books about her life!......It's make me aggravate yesterday.....when she mentioned about those words are not proper..there are too many YOUTH inside the sanctuary........second I was hungry.. ha ha ha. I dont know either what the Preacher's reaction....maybe he dont expect that his guest speaker will say something about it!....The ORTMC Preacher is an old fashionedddd,probably he dont like it either.....Im not an old fashion...not really! but I dont like the way she deliver her's almost 1pm.......I felt sorry for her..She's from Arkansa and travel this far, far away just to ask donation for her treatment..............Anyway, I have to go to work for a back tonight