Friday, March 7, 2008


Do you remember this game....This is my favorite game since elementary....It's a "Sungka".Last year I seen SUNGKA BOARD at the Filipino store,as in binili ko and my husband ask me what will I do with those carved board....I answer him I will tell you when were home....ha ha ha.....We always play this game...sometimes I cheat to him ha ha ha..later on I could not cheat on him because my husband is smart when it comes to math......The picture above is the Initial Position. Well, if you could not remember the game I will share it to you how to play..

At each turn a player empties one of his small pits and then distributes its contents in a counterclockwise direction, one by one, into the following pits including his own store, but passing the opponents store. If the last stone falls into a non-empty small pit, its contents are lifted and distributed in another lap.
If the last stone is dropped into the player's own store, the player gets a bonus move.
If the last stone is dropped into an empty pit or the opponent's store, the move ends.
If the move ends by dropping the last stone into one of your own small pits you capture the stones in the opponent's pit directly across the board and your own stone. The captured stones are deposited in your store. However, if the opponent's pit is empty, nothing is captured.
The first move is played simultaneously. After that play is alternately. The first player to finish the first move may start the second move. However, in face-to-face play one player might start shortly after his opponent so that he could choose a response which would give him an advantage. There is no rule that actually could prevent such a tactic. So, in fact, the decision-making may be non-simultaneous.
You must move if you can. If you can't a player must pass until he can move again.
The game ends when no stones are left in the small pits.
The player who captures most stones wins the game........


azillah said...

I love that game maridee, i remember my grandma na mahilig mag sungka hehehehe

Anonymous said...

mahilig ko sa game gyud na sungka Maridee.