Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thank you card from Mace

Isnt he so cute on that picture.That's Mace my boyfriend ha ha ha.I was there when he was born and every now and then we seen each other.As in everytime he seen me he looks like he won a lottery.He is a happy baby and very active.He is our friends first son after 15 yrs of marriage.Last Saturday is his 1st bday and of course I was on the top list invited. I did not come because it's for kids and I dont have kids.I will just miss my daughtera nd beside we decorate the church for sunday easter.I just gave him a card enclosed a liitle amount of money.Yesterday we received a card from MAce.A thank you card.You know what is the message inside the card.It goes like this "Marlen & Mari-Dee, thank you so much for thinking of me on my birthday! (I dont know what a college fund is yet,but Mom says that's where my money goes....) YOu two are so good to me. I really like it when MAri-Dee plays with me and holds me. I look forward to seeing her on sundays!" Love,MAce" Wow! what a smart boy? It touch my heart. We really,good friends.Look at him his so cute. YOu will really love him.Dont you know that his wearing a 2 yrs old clothes.....I remember when I working at Philamlife,I always think for my daughter everything is for her...also I get her a College Insurance.Then one day,I could not afford no more to pay.what happened it lapsed..Want to reinstate but the premium now is too high.


azillah said...

WoW..what a cute baby this one Maridee..I like the pic..sus! wish magka baby nako sab hehehe

My treasure said...

Paghimo na te aron naa naka liwat