Saturday, March 22, 2008

St. Joseph Nursery,Pearland TX

Yesterday morning we went to ST. Josephs Nursery at Pearland to pick up 50 Easter Lilies.It's an hour from Channelview to there. This is a place if you need flowers,shrubs, or trees. They have a larger selection,healthier plants and lower prices than the hardware stores of Houston Garden Center. Their azaleas roses are look great right now. I love to go with my husband everytime the Old River Terrace Methodist Church order some flowers.You know why? because the owner always give me one free flower..she always told me "get one you like" they are chinese........ the flowers and plants there are cheap....Im a flower plant addict, so far this is the Nursey that I really like....ha ha what I said they always give me free plant....So, if you live in houston and want aplant for your landscaping visit St Joseph Nursery at Pearland.