Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trusted,Great Ebayer

I been selling in ebay for almost two years.I met bad and good buyers.....there is a saying " customer is always right ".... So we need patient. Last Monday I sold 27 Child magic Castle Books.In one posting for 5 days I sold them...The lady who bid is from California.She ask me a favor If I could expedite mail the books because it's her daughter birthday this coming Saturday and she promise these books....She will pay me the extra charge shipping......I dont trust thing's like these....but at these times I trust this lady,I dont know why? Maybe, a mother instinct!.... I have a daughter too and I feel how happy my daughter if she got those books on her birthday. so I send it through UPS yesterday and I email her this morning the extra charge for the shipping.JUst this evening she pay may the extra charge through paypal without hassle. To LISA YOU your trusted and great ebayer...Thanks