Sunday, March 23, 2008

HAppy Easter

I woke up 4:30 this morning...I thought I could not make make it! Last night we attend a Vigil Mass and at the same time a sunrise MAss,at the Catholic Church from 8:30pm-11pm.....It's a long service......first communion,baptism and confirmation was included last night during the service....It's a bilingual MAss most of them are Spanish....also 20% Filipino and of course White ha ha ha...THe church was full as in chairs available...Isnt that great! So we went home maybe past 11pm. We woke up early this morning...When it comes to church we dont have any problem w/ my husband and Im proud of matter how tired we are, we dont have excuses we need to go the church. We will attend the sunrise service at the Methodist Church at 6:15am...we need to go early at the Church.The United MEthodist MEn will cook breakfast..althought Im not a man but I had to go with my husband.......The sunrise service was great...except it's chilly outside...the service is outside where the sunrise is? And by 11 pm the Sunday service........And this afternoon,I aint waste a time......I took a nap! as in knock down ha ha ha.... Happy Easter!.....


Jojo said...

Wow!!! That is good. proud of yah.

Not a morning person so we went to the 11AM mass.