Saturday, May 17, 2008

Alarm system

Just last week the weather here in TX, is so hot as in we are in 92 degrees. But this morning, what a chilly breeze? which is good. We just stay at home instead we supposedly watch the strawberry festival in Pasadena. We got lazy. At 11:30am we received a call from Bufallo,TX. It's karen, Hazel and harold's daughter. She want us to check her Mom and step dad because the Alarm system company call her.She call her Mom's House or cellphone nobody answer.She was so worried.They are 83 yrs old.Imagine how dependent they are?We thought is not serious because sometimes HArold and HAzel always busy in there yard mowing, sometimes cleaning their flower bed or maybe their home alarm system had a problem.So, my husband said we will visit Harold after we eat lunch but after 3 minutes Karen call again.SO, we went to HArold and Hazel's house.When we arrived there, two sheriffs was already there.The main door lock was broken and the home alarm system was making a noise too loud every 2 minutes it's stop and on again, but hazel and harold was not home. My husband told the sheriff, we are Hazel and harold's friends. So, we went inside, the key is in the floor and the drawer in their bedroom are all open and the alarm system keep on and off, so I turn it off. Im glad the password is just right beside the alarm box. So,my husband and the sheriff look around.While me, I went outside sit on the swing thinking where are they? We always worried these two people,they are old and their daughter wants to live them in Buffalo but as what I said they want to be dependent as long as they can. So, while Im in the swing I remember the other day,that Harold told me that the senior citizen will help the Rotary Club Fish Fry on that day. So, I went inside and told my husband. we are trying to get a number in the ROtary Club Center but nobody answer.So, my husband call his friend which is on his way to the Rotary CLub to check if HArold's and his wife is there.He said he will be there at the Rotary Club by an hour. We could not leave the house, the sheriff''s are gone. Karen call again,she said her brother and niece is on there way..they just live 60 miles away.So we wait them.I was so hungry! as in starving to death ha ha h....The preacher arrived ask us what we tell him.He said he will go to the Rotary to check Hazel and Harold. Huh! they dont not yet what happen....LAter on 10 inutes before the preacher left.Here they are I mean Hazel and Harold drive slowly in the driveway.Looking on us with her face expression,look on the door and look on us why we are there? She come out from the truck she said what happen? so we told her what happen....later on her son and grandaughter arrived and then we's already 1:45pm

It's a good thing they set their home alarm system when they left this morning. We should be careful every now and then. People dont care if they hurt somebody as long as they can get what they want. Some people watch you if your leaving. So check everything before you leave.Homes without an alarm system are three times as likely to be targeted than homes with one. But, if you have an alarm system and you don't use it, you might as well not have one at all. Professional thieves stake out their targets to watch their comings and goings. Over half of all burglaries committed on residences occur between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. If thieves see that you never set your alarm when you leave during the day, they'll make a move.I fell sorry for this thieves.Hope one day they caught in the act.Poor innocent people got victims!


Anonymous said...

Mari-dee you are absolutely right about being careful how we protect our loved ones. With elders we need the love to give them concession to often behave like kids :-) Thanks i would any day recommend this medical alert pendant i just bought one for my mum and she can carry wear it like pendant around the house.