Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Flowers,they are blooming

I could not think what to post in my blog today. So, I went outside and took some pictures in my flower bed. My beautiful flowers.Finally they are already blooming.Last year, I went to a friend house and I seen this pretty flowers. So, I ask her if I could ask a couple of cut. So, she gave me and I stick on my flower bed and some on the pots. Well, Im not bragging on myself but they always told me that I have a green thumb.Do I? yes I am.....I love flowers.Anyway,this flower bloom only once a year usually they bloom on May. Look at them they are blooming and so pretty. I dont know what is the name of this flower. I seen like this in the Philippines. Everytime we went to Baguio I always bought same like this and they call it May Flower and it's white. I never seen other colors. Below, is my Sampaguita. Could you believe there is a sampaguita here in US our own national flower. I buy this in the Flea market last year. My sampaguita looks like malnourish ha ha....need to move from the pot. I dont even know what they call here in US. I just bought this and never ask what is the name..I just pick it when I know it's sampaguita. I always remember my Lola.Everytime Our sampaguita bloom she always put in a thread and make it a necklace.All her Talc powder and pefume are sampaguita.