Monday, May 5, 2008

Rain,Rain Go Away

It's raining the whole day.Makes me tired to do everything. Pete have an appoinmnet to his Orthopedic Doctor this morning at 11am.When he knows it's raining he told Alice her wife to cancel his appoinment.A few minutes my husband come in ask if we are ready to go the Doctor but Alice answer him, we are not going because I cancel it.He said why? because Pete told me!.Why? It's raining!..My husband said it dont matter I can drive if it's raining or not......And sudeenly Pete decided to go to his Doctor and ALice said No! I already cancel it 'coz you said so!....But at this time Pete will not stand what he said to his wife,he deny it!....I was there,when he told his wife to cancel his appoinment to the Doctor because of the rain....So Pete and my husband with to the Doctor without Alice....ha ha ha ....Alice feel bad because she call to the Doctor 's office to retain his husband's appoinmnet by 11am......WHen they left? Alice ask me..."Do am I a bad wife?" I told her your not,your the best wife ever.....It's true! even if Im Pete's husband I will do that to him! You know why? because for this past few days Pete been so mean........we thought after ALice rid her dog Lucy everything will be ok but same thing. HE always aggravate Alice and it got worst....MAybe this will happen when you got old....ha ha ha ha..Sometimes Alice understand him. Pete always think that his useless now.....Well, when you got old you are not the same anymore while you are young.Those days are over......