Sunday, May 4, 2008

Because of Divorce

After Sunday service,Me,my husband, Buffy and her kids eat at Chillis.While we are waiting our food Buffy told us about her friend in school where her kids go. A woman just got divorce hang herself in their garage last week. She had 3 kids the youngest is just 8 months old. Her 8 months old son was in the garage where she hang herself. It's so sad. Maybe she get frightened or upset and dont know what the future holds.Divorce is hard because it feels like your whole life turning upside down.Will life ever get back to normal? Will the fear, pain and uncertainty ever go away?The point here is hanging herself. She been taking drugs before she gave birth her youngest son. Probably the drugs still there inside her body and when they got decided each other the word divorce the drugs push her to know what I mean. I dont know.....I really dont know.....I dont know about drugs nor divorce.......This is just my opinion......Im thinking the kids that she left specially the 8 months baby.