Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's Sunday

It's Sunday and it's church day.I attend mass on Sunday night at the catholic church with my hubby and sunday morning at the Methodist with my hubby. You know why?Im a roman catholic since birth and it's too hard for me to change religion.Since religion is no problem between me and my hubby we decide that he will go with me on saturday night and sunday morning I go with him. At the Methodist Church Im in the worship committee where my husband is the head committee and I do the computer (overhead) slides at the church if nobody will do it.Meaning, an alternate a substitute.This morning nobody is in in nobody.....Aaron the secretary was not there to run the computer she's sick.Daniel the teenager was not there he went to another group for a camp.HEather was not there too.....she had a flight in Libya..shes a flight stewardess.But I seen her during the sunday school.When the service starts I seen nobody setting in the computer.So, I did it.The preacher drive me crazy. The service was too long because they have a recogniton for the Day CAre Teachers and sunday school teachers. Why the preacher drive me crazy? because of the slide program....Im not complaining but having on the computer and not following the bulletin is not easy.And he did not mention to me about his service.I thought he already download in the computer but he did not.So I download while he is reading the gospel.Im glad the computer is in good mood too,sometimes it turn it off. Anyway, the service is good.