Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Where are the people? YOu can count quick the people in the church yesterday at the Old River Terrace UNited Methodist Church. Why? Some people took a vacation because of the Memorial Day. Even Daniel who runs the computer is not there,so I took it over.The church celebrates MEMORIAL DAY yesterdat to honor for those who have died in US service. It's a god service!Perfect for Memorial Day. THe Topou Family sing a special song.They are Polynesian church members. The big surprise is their 7 yrs old son sing a special solo song for the first time ever. Junior is so shy but yesterday we all surprised.His dad told us that Junior will sing a song for the first time and he just know that song 4 days ago.A polynesian song.Even his family was impressed too. Well, it's in their blood. We dont understand the song but Im sure it's a good song for GOD. Junior we are proud of you.
AT 4 oclock yesterday we went to Woodlands in HOuston.It's the first day of the Annual Texas Conference.We stop at the Marriot HOtel to register were all the delegates check-in.WHen we was there we seen the Preaher.HE told us did you already check in?what number is room?The preacher dont know that we cancell our reservation at Marriot Hotel.Why? because we are leaving to Alabama this coming Wednesday.So, we told him that we cancel our reservation and save church expenses.My husband just decided to drive early to Woodlands and go home in the evening.It's just an hour and a half from Channelview. AT 7pm there is a Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving at Woodlands United Methodist CHurch.Rev.Matt Idom does the contemporary message.Wow! it's a really, really good message.It makes me cry.It's a good service too.....