Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Arm Cast Comes Off Today

Alice fell last February in their patio.Reason! she dont know all she know is she just fell.I remember it's Feb.13 before valentines day.So, we bring her at the emergency room at 6pm and we been waiting on her for 4 hours.By the way, I was with her at that time...ha ha and finally after waiting all kind of test....the Nurse said everything's fine her arm nor broken . Just take pain medicine.The following morning,Alice arm swell,hurt and she even not sleep good at that night.So, we went to her family Doctor on that morning if she could help Alice about the pain and swell. But the Doctor suggest to go to the Orthopedic. To make the story short we went to the Orthopedic doctor and he said her arm had a crack.Then, they put a cast for 6 wks.After 6 weeks we went back to the Doctor to remove the cast but when the doctor see the x-ray result he said the crack is not yet healed so he put another cast for 6 weeks again.Total 12 wks (3 months). It sucked to Alice because she couldn't do anything.Isn't it horrible! another 6 wks!ha ha.....It's kind a scary because you know why? Alice is 83 yrs old and she had an osteoporosis. But God is good. Today we went back to the doctor to remove her second cast.She had another x-ray and still her crack arm not yet really healed. He said I will not put cast no more on your arm, but try to move your arm every now and then. So, I ask the Doctor if Alice needs a therapy since her husband had a home therapy twice a wk. He said that's good. But you know what? Im just wondering why the Doctor could not tell us why the crack is not yet healed and beside he is not sure too. Im not disputing what he tell us because he is a bone specialist.Maybe, Im just a negative thinker.......ha ha ha....Well, we will see how this therapy helps on ALice.


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