Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's Sunday

At the church, I should ride the bus with my husband.Since, the bus Ministry had a new driver volunteer I stay at the office and watch Carlo, while Craig and Kelley drive the other bus Route. I love kids? I dont know why and the kids love me.....ha ha ha.When I got tired I bring Carlo at Nursery.I went to the Sanctuary to help my husband change the banners. AT 10:30 before the service starts hazel arrived. She told me that her jewelry was stolen too. She said they are so valuable to her because they are old jewelries.Hazel did not notice yesterday,just this morning w she found out when she's getting ready to the church. But you know what? there jewelries have insurance...I just dont know if these jewelries are included but her diamonds are insured.I forgot to ask her.Insurance are good,but what if we cannot afford it. Huh! we are worry on these people.They are a good friends of ours specially my husband.He treat them like a parent. This afternoon Hazel call and inform us that her brother in-law died.His in el Paso Tx. They are living this wednesday for the funeral.They want us to watch their house and pick up mails and newspaper. To Hazel "Condolence".We are praying for your safe trip.