Thursday, May 1, 2008

Im so tired today

This morning Pete and Alice have an appoinment to the Doctor,the same time. SO my husband and PEte go with the other Doctor and ALice and ME went to hes Doctor.Alice is complaining about his back. There is a small tiny nut moving on her back.So she set an appoinmnet with Dr.WAlker. While we are in the Doctor's Office the doctor ask Alice why you're there? she said "I dont know" ha ha ha ha.... for some reason sometimes she could not remember.She been taking a medicine.. for alzheimer to help her memory.Then she start talking about her dog,cat etc.Bless her heart.I will not waste my time for that craft.They have a good insurance.They go to the Doctor as often as they want.That doctor just figure it out what is wrong with Alice,it's her memory.Then Nurse had a short memory test for Alice.Most of the questions she can answer and maybe 80% she could not remember.SO the doctor decide to change her prescrption for memory.Ands that's it!.....Good timing too 'coz when we are done Pete and my hubby are also done.Pete's had a good blood work except his blood pressure been too low.After, to the doctor we went to krogers to pick up there medicines.When we are on our way home,Marlen's friend Leo call.IF MArlen could drive him goiing to the eye doctor. My husband dont complain nor refused except if he is really tired. My oint is my husband is also not a healthy person but when it comes to somebody needs help, he will as long as he can.So he did and I go with him.Leo is a diabetec person and just have a surgery last wk.He could not drive that far.When we are in the Eye doctor's office while waiting on Leo my husband talk to me about going to Circuit city.I said why?he said just go with me.Im thinking,maybe he wants to buy a new flat screen TV ha ha ha ha...but I said how? Only me knows about our account bal. and credit bal. My husband dont check it no more since we got married.So we went to Circuit CITY. And he did not go to the appliances section but to the Digi cam section. He said,we're here coz I want you to buy did cam the way you want no matter how high the price it is!Oh! oh! did you win a lottery or do you have an extra income that I dont know......ha ha ha.I been want a new digi cam but not now.I said are you serious? he said what do you think? So I choose, a nice digi cam but not too expensive.All I need is the optical zoom, maybe a 7migapixels.My old digi cam been old and dont do things like that and I keep saying I want a new digi cam.Good thing is Circuit City had a one day sale yesterday.So after looking,checking what I want finally I find that I like. I choose a Canon Power SHot SD750 Digital.My husband said are you sure that's what you want? Yes! do you want me to choose the $600 plus ha ha ha ha....He said that's my bday,christmas,anniverssay,valentines, mother's day gift to you.I said I will put this back. My husband said I know you,If you like something you will not put it back...ha ha ha.Then I said can we go home now.Im so tired! as in tired! My husband too...he had and education meeting at the church but he did not attend 'coz we are both tired. I should grab some opportunities tonight but I can't do it.Im so tired!Goodnight everyone.....