Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What a hard head?

Im still on my magic bed,when my husband call me. He said,he seen Pete in the driveway.Huh! what a hard headed old man? So he stop and tell PEte he dont have business painting under the heat of the sun. So what my husband did,he throw away the paint brush and let him go inside the house.Pete, is so hard headed,I been keep telling him that you are not supposedly paint outside,it's already summer.You have this kind of illness.Sometimes, he listen and sometimes nobody can stop him.He will do whatever he want. That's why his wife,let him go whatever he wants to do.Pete is 85 yrs old. what I think is he feel sorry for his self and worthless. That's why his trying to do something. BUt he could not do that no more like what he want to do when he is young.HE is using a walker.Just imagine!...Anyway, it's already 8am. Im on my way on their house and jump to PEte why his painting outside.See ya'll tonight.